Hackathon, Logo, Animation, UI
Agricoon logo with Shades of green and yellow like crops
SproutX, AgTech X FinTech Hackathon participants taking place for a group picture with my team in the middle.
Agricoon simulator game interface using google maps

Animated Explainer for Agricoon

Agricoon is a browser-based agriculture simulator using satellite images.

The original concept was to reproduce real life conditions as close as possible so farmers would implement devices to their crops and use financial services using virtual in game money to test and validate the benefits those products or services will give them.

If validated, that will most likely lead to a purchase in real life.


  • Logo Design
  • User Interface
  • Advertising Video

Hackathon Winning Prize

For this Hackathon, we decided to focus on the issue that farmers do not always see the value of new technology, such as sensor devices, for their crops.

We came up with a simulator concept that runs on a browser using satellite images reproducing real life conditions as close as possible so that farmers can test technology without losing money.

Through a system of paid subscription and ads running in the game for real life products, our idea seemed like a viable one.

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