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Branding, Logo Design
 final logo design for BlockChain X, A startup based in Sweden, on dark background. Yellow and dark blue theme.
BlockchainX Logo Preview on Computer and Mobile Mockups on a Desk with a Cup.
Final logo of BlockChain X with Symmetrical Grid Lines Guides Blue and Yellow Color Schemes.
Sketches on paper of the early BlockChainX logo with many different concepts
Concepting in Illustrator from the sketches done on paper, in black and white for BlockChainX.

BlockChainX AB is a pioneer in BlockChain technology in Sweden. They are the owning company of EmployChain, an app that revolutionizes the hiring process using blockchain.


  • Draft - Sketching
  • Final Logo and Grid
  • Color Palette
  • Mockups


BlockChainX is a pioneer with an aim to innovate how hiring is done on a global scale as well as popularizing blockchain technology.

One of the most remarkable feature of the logo is the swoosh surrounding the X, illustrating the world towards X marks the spot, a common goal.

Color Palette

Primary colors consists of a complementary color strategy that also depicts Swedish flag colors. A dark blue is a cool and confident color that reminds of a corporate environment, while yellow conveys a bright feeling of optimism towards the future.

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