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Business branding and corporate Logo Design for Employchain, a Blockchain based Job Seeking App on Dark Blue Background Mockups of Employchain app
Employchain Logo with Symmetrical Grid Layout Overview Employchain Logo with Horizontal Grid Layout Overview
Mockup of Employchain App on a Mobile Phone held a Business woman
Blockchain Job Seeking App Logo Drafts and Concepts on a piece of paper with Pencil
Concepting Phase on Illustrator with 4 concepts of Employchain Logo Design

Employchain is an app leveraging blockchain technologies to make the hiring process more streamlined.


  • Draft - Sketching
  • Final Logo and Grid
  • Color Palette
  • Prototype


Employchain combines two elements: A handshake symbolizing an agreement, a hiring contract and the "Block" element of the word "BlockChain".

Color Strategy

Primary colors consists of a an analogous color strategy. Blue colors reminds of a corporate environment, conveys a feeling a seriousness and a color of choice for any digital platform. A blue gradient gives the feeling of a digital screen.

Prototype Design

The application mockup and prototype have been developed in Adobe XD. One of the core idea of the design was to keep it clean with a lot of whitespace and to include some blockchain elements in the design, such as the skills list and matching screen.

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