Visited Places - MERN Stack using React, NodeJS, MongoDB, Amazon S3

Full Stack Web Development, JavaScript
Screenshot of the MERN App

An app built on the MERN Full Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, React and NodeJS. This web app was done as a side project and following tutorials online on Udemy, Youtube as well as official documentation of the respective Frameworks and technologies.

"Places" is a simple app that allows users to sign up, authenticate and add places that they have visited or they would like to visit, and see what other users have added to their profile as well.


  • Front End: ReactJS
  • Back End: NodeJS and Express
  • Database: MongoDB Cloud
  • Fire Storage: Amazon S3
  • Server: Heroku / Firebase

Some Libraries/Dependencies used:

  • Express
  • Express-validator
  • Axios
  • Uuid
  • Multer
  • Multer-S3
  • BodyParser
  • Mongoose
  • JSONWebToken - Used to send back a token to the user after sign in

The app can be access on a separate URL on Firebase, but the complete app, including backend and frontend, is also hosted on Heroku. Links below:

Link to Heroku App

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